Insuranceline Active – terms and conditions

Important Information

These terms and conditions will apply to you when you participate in the Insuranceline Active program.

Who’s eligible to participate?

The Insuranceline Active program is available to selected Insuranceline customers. Customers are chosen at the discretion of Insuranceline.  Once selected your participation in the program is contingent upon your continuing to hold an Insuranceline policy.

Who’s offering this program to you?

Insuranceline, a trading name of TAL Direct Pty Limited (of Level 16, 363 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000) ABN 39 084 666 017 AFSL 243260, is offering this program to selected customers exclusively until 02 November 2016. Any reference to we/us means Insuranceline.

Your fitness and wellness information, including but not limited to calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, perspiration, skin temperature and sleep patterns, is collected through your use of the Fitbit wearable device. Data collected through your Fitbit is managed by Fitbit 405 Howard Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94105. Fitbit is a US based company, specialising in activity trackers and wearable devices for fitness and wellness needs. When you sign up for the program and to use a Fitbit device, Fitbit is the company that initially collects your data.  To find out more about how Fitbit manages information please visit for the applicable Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice.

When you opt-in to the Insuranceline Active program and provide authorisation from the Insuranceline Active App to Fitbit to share data collected by your Fitbit device with Insuranceline  you are authorising the use of your data in connection with the Insuranceline Active program and the provision of insurance services by TAL Life Limited (TAL).  Insuranceline and TAL may use the information received via the Insuranceline Active program from 02 May 2016 to 02 November 2016 for marketing activities, product development and statistical purposes to help us better understand how we can improve our insurance products and services.  

Your insurance policy and the Insuranceline Active program

Your participation in the Insuranceline Active program will cease if you no longer have an in in force Insuranceline policy.  

Your consent

By agreeing to participate in the Insuranceline Active program, you agree to the collection, use, sharing, and disclosure of your information by us, Fitbit and our other service providers as reasonably necessary to administer the Insuranceline Active Program.

This includes:

  • The collection of personal information to commence your participation in the program.
  • The collection of health and wellness data such as calories burned, steps, heart rate, perspiration, skin temperature and sleep patterns tracked through your Fitbit.
  • Ongoing capture of your information through your Fitbit.
  • Updating your results on your Insuranceline Active Dashboard (Via Insuranceline App).

Communications from us

We will need to send you communications about the program to keep you aware of your progress in the program. By participating in the program you consent to receiving these communications.

You can opt out of receiving these materials at any time. By using the unsubscribe instructions contained within the email communications or by contacting us on 13 77 87.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and installing the Insuranceline active app you agree to receive notifications from the app.

Your participation is voluntary

Your participation in the Insuranceline Active program is completely voluntary. If you do choose to participate, you can stop at any time by contacting us on 13 77 87. You’ll only obtain the associated rewards if you successfully achieve the program targets within the required timeframes.

If you wish to stop participating in the Insuranceline Active program you will need to tell us. If you don’t, data may continue to be collected and shared as described above. You can terminate your participation in the program by contacting 13 77 87 or deleting the app from your phone. If you terminate your participation in the Insuranceline Active program you will not receive any unredeemed rewards.

We reserve the right to terminate your participation in the program if you don’t satisfy any requirements for participation in this program set out below.

What’s required to participate in the Insuranceline Active program?

You must have a compatible device to be eligible to participate in the program. A list of compatible devices can be viewed here: You can only connect your Fitbit with one compatible device at any time.

You agree to use your compatible device for the purpose of the program. We encourage you to synchronise your Fitbit frequently to ensure that your progress towards your goal is always up to date. It’s your responsibility to ensure the data collected by the Fitbit accurately reflects your activity levels and are reported correctly to the Insuranceline Active program.

All of the information you need to know about how to use your Fitbit correctly can be found in the information card inside the packaging your Fitbit came in or online at

Setting up your Fitbit

It’s important you set up your Fitbit correctly to qualify for program rewards. Please use the Fitbit instructions provided with your Fitbit.

Your Fitbit

Insuranceline customers who receive a Fitbit as a gift with purchase can access the gift with purchase terms and conditions here:  

We regret that we’re not able to allow your participation in the program or continue your participation if you’re not able to wear the Fitbit regularly for any reason, such as personal reasons, work restrictions or medical reasons (such as allergies to materials used).

Use of your watch after you’ve completed the Insuranceline Active program

You can keep the Fitbit whether you participate in the Insuranceline Active program or not. Regardless of whether you’ve qualified for your rewards, if you want to, you can continue to wear your Fitbit, have information collected and continue to access your information on your Insuranceline Active App.

Your health and physical activity

We support a healthy and active lifestyle. However, we don’t take responsibility for any activity you currently do, or take up, whether or not for the purpose of the Insuranceline Active program. Of course, you should always obtain professional advice, including medical advice, about any exercise or sport you undertake, particularly if you’ve special needs or known health conditions.

Your privacy is important to us

We respect your privacy and confidentiality. Every step has been taken to ensure that data obtained about you, your activities and your health remain confidential and secure. We adhere to Australian privacy laws and our Privacy Policy is always available to access at

The data collected through your Fitbit is received by Fitbit. You can access Fitbit’s Privacy Policy at

The data collected about you through the Insuranceline Active program is analysed through the Insuranceline Active App and this information will be used to tell us whether you’re eligible for a reward. We’ll also use this information as described above.

You should not give other people access to your device, emails and Insuranceline App.

You are responsible for any access you may give to your devices and information.

Changes we may need to make to the program or to its operation

This program is a kick start program to help our customers improve their activity levels and is available to selected customers until 02 November 2016. Change may happen, such as to available technology or to organisations we deal with, or as a result of unforeseen disruptions. Therefore, we may modify or change the terms that apply to the Insuranceline Active program during that time.

Our service providers may also change or there may be additional service providers brought in to assist with servicing, administering or assist us with the operation of the program. In case of such changes, you agree to take all steps necessary to work with us to enable your continued participation in the program including:

  • the transfer of data to the new service provider; and
  • re-setting or re-synchronising your device.

The program may be suspended or terminated prior to the end date of 02 November 2016. If you’re participating in the program and we’re required to make changes or suspend or terminate the program, we’ll ensure any rewards you have already qualified for will be honoured.

Issues and complaints

If you’ve any concerns or complaints about the program please contact us on 13 77 87. We’ll endeavour to resolve the issue quickly for you.

If your concern or complaint is about your Fitbit please contact 1800 202 860. The Fitbit Flex comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any issues please email us at or call us on 1800 202 860.

No liability

Your health is important to us and every care has been taken to bring the Insuranceline Active Program to you. You agree, however, as part of your participation in the program that under no circumstances will Insuranceline (including any of its related bodies corporate) or other Insuranceline service providers be liable for any injury, loss, damages, claim or expenses you sustain or incur as direct or indirect result of participating in the program. A reference to you includes a reference to your beneficiaries and personal legal representatives and estate.

General information

The terms that apply to your participation in the Insuranceline Active program are set by us and are entirely at our discretion. This includes the rules around your eligibility to participate, rewards that may be applied, selecting customers and the targets that must be reached to access rewards.