Life Insurance and Financial Security

No one wants to imagine meeting an untimely end. But think for a moment about how your dependants would get by if you were no longer around.

How long could they afford to stay in your home? Would they have to sell the house and other assets that you’ve worked so hard for or move in with relatives? Would they need government benefits? How would they pay for food, clothes, schoolbooks and outings? Would your partner be able to quickly step into your shoes and cover your salary earnings? And if they did, who would look after your children?

Take out a good Life Insurance policy and you won’t have to worry: their financial security is assured.

An investment in their safety and well-being

Life Insurance costs just a few dollars a day, and with InsuranceLine you’re covered immediately. No medicals, No waiting periods. As soon as you’ve completed your application and you have been accepted for cover, you can breathe easy, knowing that your family will be looked after should anything happen to you. 

Insurance is your safety net

There are a range of insurance policies designed to give you financial security for those with dependants and those without.

Life insurance

Is paid out in a lump sum to your estate or beneficiaries. InsuranceLine offers a tax-free payout of between $100,000 and $1.5 million. Our policies cover all causes of death, except for suicide and death as a result of intentional self-harm during the first 13 months of cover. 

Cancer Cover 

Cancer Cover can pay up to $100,000 if you’re diagnosed with cancer. This payment can be used for anything - lost income, medical expenses, required assistance, or even a recuperative holiday.

Major Illness Cover

Major Illness Cover, also known as Trauma or Critical illness, pays a lump sum if you suffer a major illness such as a heart attack, stroke, and some forms of cancer.

Accidental Death Insurance

If you’re in a fatal accident such as drowning or a car crash, Accidental Death Insurance delivers a tax-free payout of up to $400,000.


Why Should I Get Life Insurance?

  • Life Insurance is a safe and secure investment that can provide a source of ongoing income for your financial dependants 
  • It provides a valuable payout when it’s needed most
  • Life Insurance provides peace of mind
  • Life Insurance will enable your family to keep the assets and lifestyle you work so hard to provide
  • Claims are processed quickly by highly trained and experienced managers

Their financial security is in your hands

Get a quick quote online for Life Insurance or talk to one of our friendly staff.

Or you can give us a call on 13 77 87. We’ll talk you through the application and help you choose the ideal cover for your circumstances.