Is my Life Insurance working?

Think for a minute about what would happen to your family if you were suddenly not around to provide for them. It’s a scary thought. But with Life Insurance your family will have some financial protection if something happens to you and you’re no longer around.

The payout from your policy would cover the mortgage or rent, put food on the table, clothe your children, and ensure their medical and educational needs are met. It could pay for the car, holidays, birthday presents, swimming lessons and outings – all the things you work so hard to give them.

In short, Life Insurance provides peace of mind by securing your family’s financial well-being.

There’s a wide range of Life Insurance covers on the market. So be sure to research and find the cover to best suit your needs.

Life Insurance – who needs it?

I’m not the breadwinner – I don’t need to be insured

Even though you’re not earning the majority of the income, think of all the work you do at home to care for and provide for your family. If you weren’t around, others would have to be paid to do your job: child-care, housekeeping, shopping, cooking, and taking the kids to and from school and other after-school activities.

With Insuranceline, your policy can be joined with your partner’s with discounted premiums. The payout from your policy could cover the cost of employing a nanny and/or housekeeper so your partner is free to continue earning an income.

Life Insurance is also important if you help with the books or admin with your partner’s business as these tasks would also have to be out-sourced and paid for.

I don’t have dependent children so I don’t need it

If you have a partner, you may want to take out Life Insurance so if you suddenly die, your partner won’t struggle to pay your joint debts such as a mortgage or personal loans.

If you’re in partnership in a small business, you can name your business partner as the beneficiary so the payout can help them keep going until they find a replacement.

If your kids have all left home, Life Insurance is still valuable as the payout can help the remaining partner save for retirement as well as pay for medical, legal and funeral costs.

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