Benefits of having Life Insurance

Many families would struggle financially, as well as grieving, if the main breadwinner or at-home parent were suddenly no longer around. 

Minimising the suffering from financial hardship for your family is what we’re all about, if you suddenly weren’t there to take care of them:

  • Could they keep up with the mortgage or would they have to sell the home?
  • Is there enough cash in the bank to pay for a funeral?
  • How would they pay for groceries, bills, car registration and school expenses?
  • If your at-home partner died, do you earn enough to employ a nanny or housekeeper?
  • Could your spouse and/or children survive on a government benefit? Would you want them to?

For just a few dollars a day, your life insurance would provide a financial safety net for them. That’s a very small price to pay for their future financial security and your peace of mind.

It’s there when it’s needed

As life insurance specialists with many years of experience helping people during times of extreme grief and stress, we know how important it is to process claims as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

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