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The expenses funeral insurance can help with

On average, the cost of a funeral in Australia can be anywhere between $4000 and $15000. Having funeral insurance can bring peace of mind and make things easier for families and friends when the time comes.

One of the biggest decisions when planning for a funeral is the choice between burial and cremation. Therefore, the typical cost of a funeral will vary.

Here are some of the expenses which funeral insurance can help cover:

Church/venue hire

A church, chapel or other venue will incur a cost of around $180 but could be more if the venue is bigger.


Depending on the amount of floral arrangements wanted, the cost can range from a minimum of $100 an go up to $250 and more depending on the type of floral arrangement required.

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Service fee

Typically the service fee starts at $2000 but can be higher depending on the company.


The hire of funeral cars is on average $330 - $350 per car, depending on the company that is chosen.


Notice of death and funeral in newspapers or obituary costs roughly $285.

Clergy fees

A clergy or celebrant may be engaged to conduct the funeral and can cost anywhere between $275 and $300.


A casket or coffin can cost between $1,000 and $10,000 and there are also cemetery/burial plot fees which can add anywhere from - and in excess of - $3500. Plot fees are very much dependent on if the cemetery is in a rural or urban location and if it’s a public or private cemetery etc.


The cost of cremation is on average $950 which includes the use of the chapel, and cremation fees are around $190.

Funeral director fees

Different funeral director companies charge different fees. Prices can be compared by obtaining a quote from their webpage or calling them.

When it comes to the death of loved ones, most of us want to ensure they are sent off with compassion and integrity, but funerals can get expensive once all the costs are added.

Having funeral insurance is an effective way to keep caring for family once a member passes on. Funeral insurance can take the burden out of arranging the funeral of a loved one by covering the costs involved.

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