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Let's talk about - Death

Isn’t it weird that death is the only guaranteed event in our lives, but one of the least talked about topics? Yet it’s one we can all benefit from being more comfortable with. To help get those conversations flowing about what happens next, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting talks on the subject from across the web.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of life’s biggest challenges. And although it’s a natural occurrence, for some it can be a difficult topic to broach.

No matter whether you’re grieving or just curious about the end, these five talks on the subject make a great starting point for discussion. So, plug in your earphones or park yourself on the couch. Here are five of the best talks about death.

Griefcast – Caraid Lloyd

It’s not easy to talk about what happens when someone we love leaves us. But what does help is when it’s discussed with a giggly spin. And Griefcast does just that.

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In this podcast series, host Caraid Lloyd talks with her comedian colleagues about their own experiences with personal trauma and how they’ve worked through those feelings of grief. The result is a delightfully funny and easily digestible chat about some serious subject matter.

LISTENING TIME: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Rethinking Death – TED Radio Hour, NPR

The TED Radio Hour is hosted by Guy Raz and condenses the wealth of TED Talks available into a single hour arranged around a central theme.

In Rethinking Death, Raz brings listeners an insightful range of clips and interviews taken from recent TED Talks on better understanding death as a part of life.

LISTENING TIME: 53 minutes

Better off Dead – Andrew Denton

In this ground breaking podcast series, journalist and broadcaster Andrew Denton meets Australians from all walks of life affected by the lack of assisted dying laws.

From patients and their families, to nurses, doctors, academics, law makers and protesters; Denton looks in detail at the nuances of each side of this delicate debate, to bring listeners an insightful and thoughtful look at the issue of euthanasia.

LISTENING TIME: Around 50 minutes

Let’s talk about dying – Peter Saul

Emergency doctor Peter Saul’s talk kicks-off with fascinating insights pulled from his study into end of life planning.

After spending years working in emergency rooms prolonging patient lives, he was inspired to explore the prevalence of end of life preparation in society. Peter found only one in one hundred people had a plan for what would happen when they died. Of that, a meagre one in five hundred had a plan in place if they became seriously ill.

Let’s talk about dying looks at how we die and highlights the importance of a good old fashioned chat about your final wishes with those you love.

WATCHING TIME: 13 minutes

Should we be afraid of death? – Stephen Cave

In this video, recorded at TEDxBratislava, philosopher Stephen Cave poses a seemingly dark question to his audience: When did you first realise you were going to die?

Through the journey of this 15-minute talk,Stephen explores the way in which humans so often resist the inevitability of death. Through the telling and retelling of four narratives, common across a number of civilisations, he explores the question: why are we humans so afraid of death?

WATCHING TIME: 15 minutes

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