Why you should care what happens at your own funeral

Funerals aren’t necessarily the most pleasant of topics. But it’s actually one of the most important discussions you’ll have.

Some people don’t like to think about their own funeral. Others, though, find it quite comforting knowing they had a say on what would happen when they die. Planning your funeral with your family can also help to financially prepare them for what’s to come.

What are your funeral options?

In Australia, there are a few ways you can choose to be farewelled. According to the Cancer Council, most people will opt for a funeral of some sort, though this doesn’t necessarily need to be the ‘traditional’ service and burial. Gathered Here provides a list of things you need to ask yourself when considering your options, including:

  • Do I want a burial or cremation?
  • Do I want the service to be religious in nature?
  • Where would I like my funeral or service to take place?
  • If it’s a burial, do I want a green funeral, where do I want to be buried, and is there anyone I wish to be buried alongside?
  • If it’s a cremation, do I want my ashes scattered, kept at a cemetary or given to family?
  • How much do I want my service to cost?

In terms of the actual service, by discussing the service with your family, you’re also given the opportunity to decide who, if anyone, will give a eulogy. You can also have input into other elements such as who will act as pallbearers, what flowers you want and if there is any music you wish to play.

Help cover the cost

Of course, having discussions around the type of farewell you want also helps to estimate and anticipate the costs that will be involved. Moneysmart estimates that funerals can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000 depending on what you want. This can be a lot of money for your family left behind, especially while also dealing with the necessary requirements such as death certificates, handling any insurances and trying to figure out what other payments are required upon your passing.

Sharing the type of farewell you want can help mitigate any stress that may occur, both in terms of planning the actual funeral and finding the funds to cover the cost. It also gives you a chance to take out funeral insurance to help cover the costs so your family aren’t left out of pocket when you pass.