Is it wrong to plan a funeral before a loved one dies

Discussing funerals may seem taboo, especially if the funeral is for the person you're speaking to. But planning a funeral together is actually a meaningful way to ensure your loved one is honoured in the way they want to be.

Funeral planning can be a sensitive topic. And while some people will be on board with helping plan their own funeral, others will shun the very notion of the discussion. However, it’s a fact of life that everyone will pass one day, and if your loved one has a terminal illness or is getting on in age, the reality is that a funeral is something that needs to be considered. So why not involve them in the planning process?

Why involve your loved one?

There are many benefits to involving your family member in the funeral planning process. At the end of the day, this is their farewell, and it’s nice to get their opinion on how they want things to happen.

Remember, a funeral or memorial service can be a lovely way to celebrate your loved one’s life. Getting them involved in the planning process ensures they can have a say in how they are honoured. They can give you their ideas on whether flowers should be used or not, who should give the eulogies and even what they want mentioned, or who they would like to give the honour of being pallbearer.

By discussing funeral arrangements before, it helps ensure every aspect of the service reflects your loved one

Once your family member passes, there’s no way for you to know all of this information. And sometimes, this can make planning a funeral even more stressful. By discussing funeral arrangements before, it helps ensure every aspect of the service reflects your loved one.

Helping those left behind

Losing a loved one can be traumatic. Even if your family member is ageing or has a terminal illness, there can still be an element of shock when they ultimately pass and for some people, anticipating a loved one’s death doesn’t make the finality any easier.

On top of the grieving process, having the anxiety of planning a funeral can make things even more difficult. Knowing what your loved one’s wishes are means you can plan some things ahead of time.

Planning the funeral alongside your loved one also means you can anticipate the financials. Of course, if your loved one has taken out funeral insurance, this can ease the financial burden. Knowing exactly what they want, how much it will cost and that the cost is covered can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. It also gives your loved one peace of mind, knowing they are being farewelled the way they want to be, without leaving you to cover the bills.