Income Protection or Bill Relief Summary FAQs

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about getting your Income Protection summary.

If you don’t find the information you need here, simply give us a call on 13 77 87.

  • What is an Income Protection Summary?

    An Income Protection Summary (IP summary) is a document which contains information regarding the amounts you have paid for your Income Protection policy during the financial year ending 30 June 2022. We recommend you take this IP summary to a registered tax agent when preparing your tax return. 

  • When will my IP summary become available?

    You can expect to receive your Income Protection summary by 22 July 2022. 

  • How can I access my IP Summary?

    We’ll email your Income Protection summary to you if you have previously provided us with your email address. Otherwise, we’ll send it via post. 

    A copy of your Income Protection summary will also be available for quick download from Insuranceline Access from 22 July 2022. 

  • How do I download my IP Summary from Insuranceline Access?

    a. Login to Insuranceline Access
    b. Click on ‘Statements' in the left-hand menu 
    c. Select a policy from the policy drop down box 
    d. Select the statement from the statement drop down box 
  • How do I register for Insuranceline Access?

    To register for Insuranceline Access:

    1. Go to the Insuranceline Access login page and select 'Register Now'.
    2. Enter your policy details and select 'Submit'.
    3. You will receive an email containing a verification link. By clicking the link you will verify your email address and be taken to the 'Create Password' form.
    4. Complete the password form to view your policy details.

    When registering, please enter your full name and date of birth exactly as they appear on your Policy Schedule.

  • I haven’t yet received my IP Summary. Who do I contact about this?

    There are a few reasons you may not receive an IP summary including:
    You did not pay any premiums during the 2021-2022 Financial Year
    You made an Income Protection claim during the 2021-2022 Financial Year - please call our customer care team on 13 77 87 (Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm AET)  to request your IP Summary.
  • I made a claim in the 2021-2022 financial year and haven’t received my IP summary? How do I organise one for my policy?

    Please call our customer care team to organise your IP Summary on 13 77 87 (Mon – Fri 8am to 8pm AET). 
  • Will I receive a payment summary for my Life Insurance or Funeral Insurance policies?

    No, you will not receive any payment summaries for any other policies, summaries are only available for Income Protection policies.