COVID-19 Response

Our top priority at Insuranceline is to ensure we continue to support our customers during this challenging time.  Insuranceline is continuing to monitor the changing situation with regard to COVID-19. Our customers can feel confident that we have plans in place to ensure we are here to support customer needs as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Further detail on some of the measures that we have taken is outlined below and we will continue to keep this information updated as the situation evolves. If you would like to discuss your individual policy, please contact the Insuranceline Customer Service team with your policy details on 13 77 87. However, as we are currently experiencing higher than usual call volumes, please consider if your enquiry is urgent at this time.

Insuranceline is ready to help you

Our teams continue to be ready to support you through this challenging time as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Our first priority is supporting our customers and to be paying claims and providing a full service to you. 

We have taken all steps necessary to ensure the health and safety of all of our staff so that we can continue to support you. In addition to transitioning the majority of Insuranceline staff to remote working, we have also introduced a range of other measures across the business designed to reduce risk and ensure we continue to be here to support all our customers.


For information regarding Claims

If you are on claim and are ill with COVID-19, you are covered

There are no general exclusions for COVID-19 in any of our individual life insurance policies.  If you are currently on claim, then you can be assured that you are fully covered for COVID-19, and continue to be paid in line with your policy terms and conditions. 

If you are currently on claim, you will continue to be paid

Our claims payment and support process is the most important thing we do. Our claims teams are operating well and continue to be ready to support you through this challenging time, and we do not anticipate any significant delays to claims payments. Your claim will continue to be paid while you continue to meet your policy terms and conditions.

If you need to lodge a new claim

Dealing with your claim as quickly as possible is a priority for us because we know it's important to you. When you make a claim with Insuranceline, you only need to speak to one person – your claims manager. They will be there to let you know what’s needed for your claim as well as answer any questions you may have. All claims will continue to be assessed according to the terms and conditions of your specific policy.

To make a claim, get in touch:

Please call 13 77 87 (Mon to Fri, 9.00am – 5.30pm (AEST) or send us an email

Insuranceline’s broader support for our customers making claims or already receiving claims benefits

To ensure our claims managers provide the best possible support to our customers, we have developed additional claims situations considering the ways in which COVID-19 might affect individual customers and their own circumstances.   As an extension of this, Insuranceline has established a dedicated team with experts from our Claims team to investigate alternative solutions for customers who may be experiencing difficulty meeting the information requirements of the claims process, while supporting claims managers with technical advice, including medical evidence requests.


Understanding the implications of the COVID-19 vaccination and your Insuranceline cover 

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia will not affect the cover under your existing insurance policy. Insuranceline policies do not include exclusions or limitations related to COVID-19 including vaccine related side-effects.  If you were to experience sickness or injury after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, a claim can still be lodged for a benefit under your policy and your claim will be assessed and is subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. This includes doctors, nurses, health professionals, police and people working in quarantine hotels and services. 

Insuranceline Income Protection Insurance policies provide a benefit if you suffer an illness or injury and you are unable to work, in line with policy terms and conditions. Therefore, if your employer mandates that you are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and you are restricted from working as a result of choosing not to be vaccinated, you will not be entitled to make a claim against your policy for being unable to work if you are not suffering an illness or injury that is preventing you from working in your usual occupation or performing your usual daily activities.


For existing customers

Cover for COVID-19

Existing customers are fully covered for COVID-19

There are no general exclusions for COVID-19 in any of our individual life insurance policies.  If you are an existing customer of Insuranceline you can be assured that you are fully covered for COVID-19 in line with your policy terms and conditions.  This includes all doctors, nurses and health professionals.

If you are suffering financial hardship and are having difficulty in paying your premium for your existing policy then Insuranceline can help

If you would like to change the terms of your policy or if you are having trouble paying your premiums, we may be able to offer you financial hardship assistance. Please contact us to discuss the options that might be available to you depending on the type of policy you hold, such as stopping your premium payments for a short period of time, changing your benefit structure or cover amount or removing certain options. Read more about our Financial Hardship Policy here or contact us on 13 77 87.

If you want to increase your level of cover with Insuranceline then we are here to help

If you wish to increase your insurance cover with Insuranceline then please follow our normal policy increase application process.  If during the policy increase application and assessment process it is established that you have recently travelled abroad, are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are in a high risk group then you may be individually assessed, and modified terms may be offered for the additional insurance cover only. These matters would be identified and assessed through our normal assessment process. Any new modified terms that are applied would only apply to the additional insurance cover and would not be applied to the insurance cover you already have in place under your policy.


For new customers

If you wish to purchase cover with Insuranceline then we are here to help

New customers purchasing Life and Income Protection policies can be covered in line with the policy terms and any special conditions or exclusions applied based on individual circumstances, like health status, medical history, travel or pastimes.  If you have recently travelled abroad, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are in a high risk group then your application will be individually assessed, and modified terms may be offered.  These matters would be notified to you during your application and before your cover begins, and will also appear in your Policy Schedule.

Insuranceline Funeral Insurance is available to all Australian residents aged 25-80. There are no medical questions or tests required to apply, however it is important to note that cover is only provided for Accidental Death (which has a special meaning set out in the PDS) for the first 12 months. This means that a claim would not be paid for death caused by anything other than an accident in the first 12 months of taking out Insuranceline Funeral Insurance cover (or, following any increase, in respect of the increased portion). All causes of death are covered after the first 12 months of cover. 

If you are a frontline healthcare worker and would like to purchase cover with Insuranceline then we are here to help

If you are a frontline doctor, nurse, medical practitioner, or a healthcare worker who supports them, such as police, pharmacist, paramedic or age care worker, and wish to apply for new insurance cover with Insuranceline, we would be pleased to help you. This is regardless of any exposure, or potential exposure, to COVID-19. For more information, please click here or contact the Insuranceline Customer Service team on 13 77 87.


Find out more about your individual policy

If you have any specific questions on your policy, please contact the Insuranceline Customer Service team with your policy details on 13 77 87.


Find out more about what government or community assistance is available

It is important that we all look after our physical, mental and financial health during this time. Below are some suggested physical, mental and financial health support services which you can access during this challenging time.


Your financial health

  • Get support – If your money worries are getting too much, seek support from financial counselling experts to help you through. There are free services available to help with budget development, debt recovery or negotiating with creditors. Try the National Debt Helpline. They provide free and confidential financial counselling to all members of the public.
  • Apply for assistance – If you’re experiencing reduced earnings or out of work, you may be eligible for Government support and rental assistance. For further information on services available to you and how to register your intent to claim a Centrelink payment visit Services Australia.
  • Request relief – If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you might be eligible for temporary relief. Speak to your utility provider to see what relief measures might be available to you. If you have lost your job, speak to your landlord about a possible rental reduction or your bank about any financial hardship assistance it can offer. Emergency Relief organisations can also help address basic needs such as food, chemist vouchers, accommodation, family and relationship services and financial aid to help lend a hand in times of financial crisis. Visit the Department of Social Services online to find the community organisation for your region.
  • Stay in the know – keep up to date with the latest government support information in relation to COVID-19 through MoneySmart.


Your physical health

  • Keep active - Staying physically active while social distancing can be challenging but it is important to boost your mood and wellbeing. World Health Organisation recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of intense physical activity per week1. Go for a walk or make time to do some stretches. You can even try an online exercise class.
  • Eat well – Keeping a balanced diet is essential for your immune system and energy levels. If you’re not working, you may need to be thriftier with your food choices. Consider low cost alternatives or meat-less substitutes. Check out the SBS Food Blog for Nourishing Dinners using pantry staples for some inspiration.

  • Healthy sleep habits – It’s important to maintain good sleep habits during these uncertain times for your wellbeing, daily functioning and immune system. If you’re facing a stressful situation or financial worries, it might be hard to switch off at night. Make time to unwind, limit media exposure and try to maintain a regular sleep and wake routine. The Sleep Health Foundation has some good sleeping tips to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Your mental health

  • Practice self-care – Amongst the uncertainty, find time each day to do something you enjoy. Being mindful helps us feel focused, calm and grateful for the small things. Read a book, listen to music or meditate. Thrive Inside is a special meditation program by Smiling Mind designed to keep you mentally well while spending extended periods of time at home.
  • Stay connected – Social connections play a huge role in our wellbeing. Share how you’re feeling about your work uncertainties with a friend or family member. Pick up the phone, send a text or facetime over coffee. Stay connected with your network so when job opportunities do arise you’re on the front foot.
  • Find your purpose – Now might be the perfect time to learn a new skill, hobby or take stock of what really matters to you. Use this time out of work to think about your next move. We don’t expect this current state to last forever, so be prepared for what you would like to do next. If you’re ready to seek career advice and tools to help you develop a resume, prepare for interviews and submit job applications visit Findajob.
  • Support for carers – Being a carer can be a rewarding, but it’s also a challenging role especially given the current climate around social distancing and financial difficulties. Carer Gateway provides services to support carers including phone counselling, self-guided coaching, information on financial support, skills courses and an online forum to connect with other carers.
  • Seek help – If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some additional support, you’re not alone. There are plenty of support services available, depending on your needs. 


Head to Health
Provide trusted online and phone support, resources and treatment options.

Beyond Blue

Ph: 1300 22 46 36
24 hours, 7 days per week
Provide immediate and confidential support through their 24/7 helpline and online chat services with trained mental health professionals


Ph: 13 11 14
Provide 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

This information is current at 15 April 2020 and may be subject to change.