Claims Philosophy Statement

Here at Insuranceline and TAL our commitment to delivering a market-leading customer experience sees us put our customers at the centre of everything we do. This philosophy is most evident at those times when you need us most – when you need to make a claim.

Helping you through the process

We will work with you:

  • to help you understand the claims process by explaining it in simple and clear language
  • on practical solutions that recognise your individual situation
  • to see your claim resolved as quickly as possible

Focusing on a return to health for those who are unwell

We understand the important role that health and workforce participation plays in your life and our claims team will focus on assisting you return to work and health as soon as possible. We will treat you (and any dependants) with the dignity and empathy that you deserve.

Paying your claim

We are committed to helping Australia sleep better at night by providing protection that can be relied upon in your time of need. This means that we will pay all claims covered by our policy terms and conditions. We make no apology for not paying claims that fall outside the policy terms and conditions, as this safeguards the interests of all of our customers by helping to keep the protection and peace of mind that insurance provides affordable to all.

Working together

In some cases, TAL works with business partners to provide life insurance products and services (for example financial advisers or superannuation funds). We work closely with our business partners to ensure a seamless and efficient claims experience for you.

Seeking a review of our decisions

We aim to make the right decision every time on the claims we receive. There are occasions when you may disagree with us and we have a robust appeal and complaints process in place to allow for a review of our claims decisions. Whilst we respect your choice to be legally represented, it will have no material impact on the decisions we make, as we will always try to be fair and do the right thing.

The people who help you

Finally, we believe that it is our people who make the difference at claim time and we actively promote the training and development of our claims teams to ensure that that we have the best people, with market-leading tools, delivering our promises in managing your claim.