No Medical Life Insurance

Insuranceline Life Insurance

All Australians should have the right to protect their family’s financial future. That’s why we’ve designed our Basic Life Cover for people who are unable to obtain Life Cover because of their health, lifestyle or occupation.

Exclusions apply

Our Basic Life Cover provides cover up to $250,000. 

With Basic Life Cover, no benefit is payable on Terminal Illness or death which is the direct or indirect result of:

  • A Pre-Existing Medical Condition unless it can be proved to our satisfaction that you have been Free of the Condition for the five years following the Cover Commencement Date, reinstatement or an increase in Cover you apply for; 
  • Suicide or an intentional self-injury during the first five years following the Cover Commencement Date, reinstatement or any increase you apply for;
  • A Dangerous Occupation or Dangerous Pastime at any time following your Cover Commencement Date;
  • Participation in any criminal activity at any time;
  • A Known Genetic Condition

Under Basic Life Cover, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are not covered for the first five years. After five years have passed, Pre-Existing Medical Conditions will be covered if you have been continuously Free of the Condition with no medical treatment, management, investigation or monitoring occurring or having been recommended.

For more information on our Life Insurance please refer to the Combined Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG).

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Complete our Life Insurance application form and we will offer you either:

  • Fully underwritten Life Cover or;
  • Basic Life Cover - Alternative cover for those who don’t want to answer medical questions or those with certain pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous occupations &/or dangerous pastimes.