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Spring cleaning tips: decluttering your head and home

The tradition of spring cleaning is well known to just about everyone and can be traced back to a number of ancient cultural traditions, from Iran to China, all of which come back to the idea of starting afresh, with a clear mind and clean house.

These simple tips will get you on the road to a fresh, spring-ready house – and life – in no time.

Declutter your house

They say a clean house is a happy house, so get started by deep cleaning your home from top to bottom.

  • Choose a method. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start, it might be worth following a tried and true decluttering method. There are plenty around these days, from finding what “sparks joy” with the KonMarie method, to embracing the art of Swedish death cleaning. Finding a method that works for you and sticking to it can help keep your spring cleaning and decluttering on track.
  • Clean as you go. As we all know, spring cleaning is not just about removing clutter, but also about clearing out the dust and cobwebs that might have been ignored during the colder months. As you get rid of things you no longer need, dust, vacuum, scrub, mop and scour along the way.
  • Work in small parts. One trick to keep the momentum going when cleaning is to work room-by-room, or even in smaller sections like a single cupboard, and completely finish cleaning that area before moving on. The sense of achievement from finishing one part will make it easier to keep up your motivation to finish entirely.

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Declutter your life

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to washing the sheets and shampooing the carpets. It could also be a good time to take care of some of those niggling life admin tasks you’ve been neglecting.

  • Review your personal finances. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to review your personal financial situation around once a year –and make it part of your spring cleaning activity. This could include making sure you’ve got a savings buffer built up, refinancing your mortgage to a better interest rate, or updating your life insurance policy to be sure you’re getting the best cover.
  • Set future goals. Do you know where you’re headed in the next six months? It’s easy to get swept up in the day-to-day and forget to look at the bigger picture, so taking some time to sit down and ask yourself what you want to achieve in the future and how you’ll get there is important. And an optimistic outlook is key to setting and achieving goals - so what better time to do it than when the spring sun starts shining?

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to shake off the sleepiness of winter and freshen up your home and life. So, what are you waiting for?

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