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Life lessons from COVID-19

Life lessons from COVID-19: What we've learned from the pandemic

One of the biggest positives to come out of this difficult time is a reminder of the things that are most important. Here are some of the things we hope we’ll remember to value when this is behind us:

Friends and family

Whether you’ve been isolating with your loved ones or apart from them, we’ve all learned to appreciate the importance of these connections. We hope that in future we’ll all place more value on quality time together.

Society’s most vulnerable

An Ipsos survey conducted on March 26th to 30th 2020 showed that around 30% of Australians are anxious about their own health at this time, nearly double that figure are concerned about those who are vulnerable. And this, of course, contributes to considerate actions like self-isolating and wearing face masks. Many people have gone a step further by reaching out to elderly neighbours, and we hope this supportive culture continues.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers go above and beyond to look after us when we need it the most. In return, Australians have started to take care of them, by cooking meals, walking dogs, and running errands. It’s been a great reminder of what these people mean to us.

Air quality

Lockdowns around the world have even had a positive impact on the environment. There’s hope this will lead to long-lasting change after the pandemic and we could see policy changes that aim to rebuild our economy on greener foundations. 


In these stressful circumstances, it’s been a welcome relief to read good news stories of endangered sea turtles returning to the beaches of Brazil, the pink flamingos flourishing in Albania, and marine life returning to the canals of Venice. We also hope the pandemic acts as a wake-up call to help us take better care of our environment and make us more aware of the impact we can have on it.

Sustainable lifestyles

The pandemic has dramatically changed our shopping and eating habits. We’ve learned to eat at home more, cooking from scratch and using our leftovers. We’ve started to shop less frequently and be more mindful about where we shop, or even try to grow more at home. These are all good habits to keep, even when our access to shops goes back to normal. 

Our health

Perhaps the biggest reminder of the pandemic is how crucial it is to look after our own health. Illness can strike so unexpectedly, and this can have all kinds of repercussions on your income and your family’s financial security. One thing we’ve learned is the relief it can bring to be covered by income protection and life insurance.

As much as we’re looking forward to our lives restarting, we hope that when they do, we take all of these lessons with us. 

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