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Five tips for starting a new job

No back to school feelings for you. Calm those first day nerves with some simple tactics for navigating a new workplace.

Starting a new job can be stressful – there’s a lot to take in and you want to make sure you’re making a great impression.

We’ve sourced some new job tips to make sure you sail through your first day at work and beyond.

Be proactive with your introductions

It’s likely that most people in your workplace will be busy people, and it’s easy to feel like you shouldn’t be breaking their rhythm. But showing a little interest can go a long way in forming connections.

The easiest way to do that is to go out of your way to say hello in communal spaces like break areas or on the way in and out. This will establish you as an approachable co-worker, and studies suggest that positive social engagement at work means your performance improves and you enjoy better health.

But it’s a fine line to walk: make sure you err on the side of professionalism. Keep your social media interactions in the early days to platforms like Linkedin, and only move to platforms like Facebook when you feel you’ve really made a connection.

Ask for advice

According to research conducted for the Harvard Business Review, asking for advice actually makes people think you’re smarter – not incompetent. Asking for advice in your new job can seem like a scary prospect, but not only can it make you seem more competent, it can also make people warm to you more.

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“We have the wrong mindset when thinking about asking for advice,” say the authors of the research.

“A really nice takeaway from this body of research is that the questions don’t matter nearly as much as we think they might. Asking anything is likely to trigger self-disclosure and [make the other person] feel good.”

Get your money in order

Starting a new job is the perfect time to refresh your finances.

Not only will you need to make sure that Finance has all your correct details on file in order for you to get paid, you’ll also need to make decisions on matters such as your superannuation.

If your new company has a default superannuation option, check out the details – does it give you the best investment options and does it have a good track record? Use any online super comparison tool for full disclosure on your options.

Look at income protection

Here’s your work safety blanket. If you get ill, suffer an accident or get made redundant at some stage, income protection insurance can provide you with a percentage of your pay up to 85 per cent of your salary for up to three months.

This one’s all about peace of mind – it’s important to be practical when it comes to your future and this kind of protection means that you won’t have to reduce your quality of life if something were to happen. Plus, you can keep on top of any repayments you have, like your mortgage and bills.

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