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The Pre-baby preparation shopping trip

Things are getting exciting – your new baby is nearly here! To help you ensure you’ve got everything you need for when your child arrives, we’ve created a hospital bag shopping list:

1. The essentials for your baby

Let’s start by going through the items you’ll need to keep your baby warm, clean and dry:

  • Newborn nappies: If your hospital doesn’t provide newborn nappies then this is a must in your hospital bag.
  • Wipes: And of course don’t forget to pack the wipes too.
  • Baby hats and mittens: These will help keep your baby warm while he or she is sleeping. However, when holding the baby it’s important the hat/ beanie is off to help with bonding.
  • Blankets: While the hospital may provide blankets, having your own will come in handy when you wrap your baby up to go home.
  • Onesies, singlets and socks: Bring two or three of each, as your baby may need changing (for obvious reasons).
  • Baby car seat fitted: This is worth doing well before your due date, so you can concentrate on enjoying your time with your little one, rather than working out how to fit the seat to your car.

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2. The essentials for you

Now that we have your baby items covered, let’s not forget the essentials for you:

  • Items to help you relax: From music to aromatherapy, this will differ for each mum.
  • Lose clothing: It’s a good idea to bring a combination of clothing, such as pants, tops, a sarong (for the shower) and dark coloured underwear. Just make sure they are all comfortable!
  • Socks and shoes. A pair of thongs will also come in handy for the shower.
  • Toiletries: Also pack any toiletries you would normally use at home - toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, lip balm, hair brush, hair ties etc. Just remember that anything like bodywash will need to be scent free, so the baby isn’t overwhelmed by the smell.
  • Maternity bra and breast pads: Probably the most important items for you.
  • Food and drink: Also pack some goodies to help lift your energy, like lollies, chocolate and crackers. Plus drinks with electrolytes in them like coconut water or sports drinks.

3. Other must have items

And that’s not all, there are a few other things you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag:

  • Documents: Don’t forget to pack your hospital forms, birthing plan and Medicare card/health care card.
  • Dirty laundry bag: For both you and your baby’s used clothes.
  • Mobile phone charger: So you can send pics to family and friends of your cute new baby!

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