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NSW vs Queensland – which state comes out on top?

Are you a Rugby League fan eagerly following the 2018 State of Origin? The series is a great opportunity to come together with your mates, and stir up a little state rivalry between NSW and Queensland.

Even though we know the Blues have already taken out this year’s series, we thought we’d have a little fun to see which state comes out on top when it comes to things like world famous sites, weather and public transport.

World Heritage sites

  • NSW – According to the New South Wales Government, there are 6 World Heritage listed sites in NSW. These include the Greater Blue Mountains, the Lord Howe Island Group, Willandra Lakes Region and Australian Convict Sites, along the Old Great North Road.
  • Queensland – The sunshine state follows close behind with 5 World Heritage Listed Sites. Of course, there’s the world famous Great Barrier Reef (for a little trivia, it was actually the first World Heritage site to be recognised in Queensland). Other familiar places include Fraser Island and the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

Winner: By the skin of its teeth, NSW has taken out the win when it comes to more World Heritage listed sites, with 6 compared to Queensland’s 5.


  • NSW - While NSW is known for its hot summers, the same can’t be said for the winter months, especially in the south of the state. 
  • Queensland – Whereas you probably won’t need your wetsuit in Queensland, as the weather at any time of the year is generally mild. In fact, according to the average temperature in Tropical North Queensland is a balmy 29°C.

Winner: While weather is largely subjective, for those who enjoy a never-ending summer Queensland hands down takes it out for best weather.

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Public transport

  • NSW- Admittedly, every state in Australia could take some learnings from overseas countries like Japan when it comes to public transport, but compared to the rest of Australia, NSW will get you to where you need to go in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Queensland – However, sadly the same can’t be said for the sunshine coast, because as soon as you leave Brisbane, you really need some wheels to get around.

Winner: If you prefer to rely on public transport to get from A to B, then NSW is the state for you.


  • NSW – The hustle and bustle of the major cities in NSW has been known to be a damper when it comes to the lifestyle factor. Not to mention the sky high house prices, especially in the state capital Sydney.
  • Queensland– Anyone who has visited Queensland knows that it’s probably the most laidback state in Australia. The people are friendly, and most locals have time for a good old chat. Not to mention you can get a house under the one million dollar mark.

Winner: The combination of friendly locals, a slower pace and affordable housing, gives Queensland the win when it comes to lifestyle.


  • NSW – Whether it’s a comedy show, dinner and drinks or the world famous Vivid light show, NSW ticks the boxes when it comes to a good nightlife.
  • Queensland – Living in the sunshine coast brings peace and quiet at night time but not the same amount of tours, live music and festivals that NSW generally receives.

Winner: The winner for nightlife definitely goes to NSW, especially for those living in major cities.


  • NSW – Of course, you can’t compare states without adding beaches to the list. There’s no denying NSW has some pretty famous beaches like Bondi, Manly and Coogee.
  • Queensland – However, the sunshine coast boasts an endless list of beaches to visit from Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Noosa Main Beach to Four Mile Beach.

Winner: While NSW is home to world famous beaches, Queensland really takes the cake when it comes to pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Overall winner:

We really have to call it a draw, as there are pros and cons to living in both states. In NSW, you get to enjoy better public transport and a vibrant nightlife. However, Queensland is really the place to be if a never-ending summer calls your name and a laidback lifestyle.

Still want to show the opposing state who is boss? Then consider getting involved in the Australian Red Cross Out For Blood competition. The state with the most people who give blood, will take out the title of the state with the biggest heart. Claiming victory over your rivals, whilst also helping save lives – what’s better than that?

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