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Let's Talk About - Love

It’s been the topic of music, movies and literature – it’s only natural the internet has a good go at it. We’ve all got something to say about love, but who’s saying it best online?

All you need is love… plus some internet resources to make you better at it. The web is flooded with all kinds of informative content, not least about love.

Contemporary philosopher and all-round sage guy Alain de Botton describes love as, ‘a skill, not just an enthusiasm.’ If these talks and podcasts are anything to go by, there’s a lot to learn.

How to choose a partner wisely – Alain de Botton

Let’s kick off our labour of love with Alain himself, who made his name writing Essays in Love and has since founded the global school for adults, The School of Life. Among the school’s offering is a YouTube channel with a host of insightful videos, which make even the most complex of topics seem easy and digestible.

Take love and relationships, for example. In How To Choose A Partner Wisely, Alain Provides a brief historical rundown of why we choose the partners we do, and suggest ways we can understand our decisions better to benefit our future relationships.


Dear Sugar Radio – WBUR

Podcasts are an intimate, convenient way of listening to talks and interviews – especially during a dry commute. Dear Sugar Radio is co-hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, and is an evolution of Cheryl’s popular advice column published in literary magazine The Rumpus.

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Dear Sugar Radio delivers considered, thoughtful and often funny answers to all kinds of questions on love and relationships – exploring topics such as infidelity and our relationships with our parents.

LISTENING TIME: Usually 30-45 minutes

Savage Lovecast – Dan Savage

Another podcast to add to your love list, Dan Savage’s Q&A-style format offers up (often brutally) honest answers to questions on love, relationships, and sex. A seasoned advice columnist, Dan often tackles dilemmas that belie the grey areas of love, recognising that rarely does a yes-or-no answer suffice when it comes to relationships.

LISTENING TIME: Usually 50 minutes

The brain in love – Helen Fisher

The power of a good TED talk can’t be underestimated. If you haven’t already taken a deep dive into this boundless world of both short and long talks (with topics ranging from science to politics and relationships) then now’s the time to do it.

Ever wondered how the brains of those in love, and those who have just been dumped, differ? In her TED talk, The brain in love, Helen Fisher delivers a compelling address outlining the story of her research into our physical need for love – using MRI scans and behavioural tests. Love is hardly a science, but Helen argues that the magic of love could sometimes do with some demystifying.

LISTENING TIME: 15 minutes

Love Life – Mama Mia

This love advice podcast brewed on home soil comes from online publisher Mamamia, and is hosted by Osher Gunsberg (of The Bachelor fame) and psychologist Leanne Hall.

Over the course of their half hour show, the two tackle listener questions on the crazy world of dating, relationships and love. Listeners are in for the type of no holds barred advice you might expect from your mates, except taken to the next level – a very real and insightful chat about matters of the heart.

LISTENING TIME: Around 30 mins

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