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Hiring Removalists vs Renting a Van: Pros & Cons

A big consideration for people when they’re moving to a new home is whether they should hire a removalist company or rent a van and do it themselves. Here we’ll look at the pros and cons of both sides so you are more informed to make the decision when it’s your turn.




Removalists usually bring their own equipment to make your move a lot quicker. That includes the van, of course, as well as dollies and trolleys which are used to easily lift and manoeuvre heavier pieces of furniture like white goods or packing boxes.

Extra Materials

Some companies will provide moving boxes, wrap, tape, and marker pens for free, or at a minimal cost. These items are incredibly useful when moving as it helps provide some organisation to your move.


Removalists are experienced in what they do. They should know the best way to carry, store and secure each piece of furniture quickly and, importantly, safely, out of your current home, into the van and into your next address.

Relax, De-Stress

You’re paying professionals for a service so they know what they’re doing. Because of that you don’t need to get involved with the heavy lifting and moving – unless you really want to – and you can focus on getting the family, pets, new address or smaller packing in order.

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They are there from start to finish. They take your items to the van and unpack them at your destination in your new home. They’re there until the job is finished.


No Liability

Removalists are usually not liable for any damages to your items during transit. This will, however, depend on the company you have hired to complete the move. It’s worth checking with the company before agreeing to hire them how much your items are covered for.


Many companies charge half-hourly. The cost of hiring removalists can increase if the move takes longer than anticipated. On the other hand, you may see the higher cost as an acceptable compromise for the convenience it provides.


If you aren’t the first job of day then the removalists could be late starting your job if the last one took longer than they expected. Generally you book a time slot in the day (morning or afternoon) for smaller house moves, and if yours is the afternoon you could be kept waiting before you can start the move.

Hiring a Van



You have the freedom to choose when you pick up the van and get started. You also have the choice for how long you have the van and, if you choose, can keep hold of the van for a longer time than originally planned to get the job done, at a cost.


Daily rental prices for a van can be cheaper than removalists. With removalists what you pay goes towards the van (and its associated costs) and labour costs of the removalists. When hiring a van, all you pay for is the cost of the van and refuelling at the end of your rental so you can shop around to find an option that suits your budget.


Working at your own pace and leisure may suit you if you prefer a methodical and specific move instead of having people coming in and out of your house taking furniture with them to the van. You can make checklists, take breaks and relax if there’s no rush.

Valuable Care

You know what is precious to you, and if you’re hiring a van and working with your family or friends you know exactly which items to take particular care with.


Moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful activity. Make moving an experience to bring family and friends together to help out. They’ll especially love it if they’re rewarded with a bbq and some drinks afterwards.



Rentals have time and mileage limits. If you need to do numerous trips back and forth to your new address, are moving a long distance away or are moving with little help and it might take time, you may exceed your agreed mileage or time limit and be charged extra.

BYO Equipment & Materials

It’s your responsibility to provide the equipment needed to safely secure and transport items in the van. From boxes, trolleys and dollies, to cables, covers and protective sheets.


You may not be used to driving a large van. Driving a new vehicle might be a bit more difficult especially if it’s a manual and you’re used to an automatic, or vice versa. If you’re not confident you may want to ask someone to drive for you, or consider removalists.

Doing research into different van rental and removalist companies can shine the light on prices you can expect to pay for your move and which option might suit your circumstance and budget best.

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