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Benefits to starting Christmas shopping early

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and, if you’re like many Aussies, you might be putting thoughts of gifts, decorations and tinsel to the back of mind until later in the year.

But with plenty of time still up your sleeve, now could be the perfect opportunity to get in early and complete your Christmas shopping.

Here’s why:

You’ll avoid the last minute Christmas rush

We all know there’s one fact about Christmas – shopping centres can be intense places. You’re literally competing with hordes of shoppers on the same mission as you, to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. By starting your shopping early you’ll avoid the swarms of shoppers and ensure you nab those popular items before they sell out.

Your budget will thank you

The cost of Christmas can climb into the hundreds (even thousands), and as we all know that can mean a serious hit to your finances. Instead, consider staggering your purchases over your next few pay cycles. So the next time you get paid, you purchase that present for Aunt Meg and the time after that your Secret Santa gift. You might just find you’ll be able to get through the silly season a little easier with better budgeting.

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Your online items will arrive on time

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect gift online, at a bargain price, only to discover that it hasn’t arrived in time for Christmas. The thing is, in the weeks before Christmas online retailers are inundated with orders and unless they offer express shipping, it’s first in best dressed when it comes to deliveries. The good news is, shopping early will mean you’ll find your gifts at that great online price and receive your items with plenty of time to spare.

You’ll have more time to plan presents

It’s a great feeling giving a gift that you can see the recipient actually likes. Getting in early, and planning out your presents, can help you track down the best gifts for each person. It also means you’ll have time to compare the best products and find the most competitive price. It’s a win for you and a win for your family and friends.

You can enjoy Christmas minus the stress

Imagine a Christmas where all your presents are wrapped and under the tree a week before the actual day – a dream, we know. But it could be a reality for those who start their Christmas shopping early. That way you can put your energy towards the more important things like what you’ll throw on the barbie and whether you’ll play a game of cricket or head down to the beach after the big lunch.

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