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10 unmissable Aussie caravan holiday destinations

You don’t have to spend a fortune – and many long hours – on flights to have a world-class holiday. Australians are lucky enough to have some amazing landscapes, cultural hubs and other great travel experiences right in our backyard.

So hitch up your caravan, pack your bags, and check out these top 10 destinations for your next great Australian holiday.

  1. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory To kick off this list, we’ll start with a destination on everyone’s bucket list – Uluru. Although climbing Uluru is set to be banned officially from October 26, 2019, this Australian icon is still steeped in cultural history, offers top notch birdwatching, bushwalking and breathtaking sunset and sunrise vistas. For more information about Uluru, visit the Parks Australia site.
  2. Karumba, North Western Queensland If you’re a keen fisherman, Karumba, located on the Gulf of Carpentaria might be the perfect spot for you. But if the winter fishing isn’t enough of a draw card, there’s also plenty to do in town, including the famous Mud Crab and Crocodile tour. For more information about the community, visit their website.
  3. Mudgee, New South Wales With over 35 cellar doors in the region, Mudgee is impossible to pass up if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur. You can sign up to a winery tour or explore the heritage rich streets and chic town centre on your own. If you want to get a bit more information around your next Mudgee adventure, take a look at the Visit Mudgee Region website.
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  5. Bay of Fires, Tasmania This stretch of white sand beaches along the east coast of Tasmania is 50 kilometres of conservation area, and when you visit, you’ll feel like you’ve found an untouched paradise. There’s plenty of space for strolling on the beach and bushwalking, as well as great spots for fishing, diving and snorkelling. Want to know more about the Bay of Fires before you go? For more information head over to the East Coast of Tasmania site.
  6. Port Campbell, Victoria One stop along the iconic Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell is a beautiful seaside village worthy of a trip itself. But the allure for most travellers is that you’ll find the famous Twelve Apostles in the heart of the Port Campbell National Park. For more information, or to find other things that you could also do on your next trip there take a look at the Visit Great Ocean Road website .
  7. The Kimberley, Western Australia On par with international destinations like the Rocky Mountains, the Kimberley region is three times the size of England and is one of the last strongholds of untouched wilderness in the world. If wildlife, canyons, swimming holes and 4WD road trips tickle your fancy, this might be the spot for you. has a lot of information about The Kimberley region, so take a look to see if it should be your next trip!
  8. Mount Gambier, South Australia From walking tours at Blue Lake, to exploring the Umpherston Sinkhole and Naracoorte Caves, it’s hard to imagine running out of things to do at Mount Gambier. Part way between Melbourne and Adelaide, this is a great pitstop for caravan road trips. Plus, don’t miss the Big Lobster! Visit the Mount Gambier website for more information.
  9. Karlu Karlu, Northern Territory You may know this spot by another name – The Devils Marbles. Standing 6 metres tall and formed millions of years ago, the local Warmungu Aboriginal people believe these great boulders are the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent. Camp overnight for amazing shots in the early morning and sunset hours. The Northern Territories government website has more information that you should check out if you are interested.
  10. Port Arthur, Tasmania Port Arthur in Tasmania is a must-see for Australian history buffs. From the prison at the Port Arthur Historic Site to the Cascades Female Factory offering a glimpse into the lives of female convicts, you’ll want to explore every inch of this destination. For more information, visit the Port Arthur website.
  11. Lightning Ridge, New South Wales For a true Australian outback experience, head to the opal fields of Lightning Ridge. Try your luck searching for opals then visit the Chambers of the Black Hand, an underground sculpture gallery and opal shop. And finally, hit the Lightning Ridge Artesian Bore Baths to stargaze from the restorative waters. For more information, visit the Lightning Ridge website.

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