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10 songs to boost your mood

It has been proven that music can have a number of positive effects on our bodies. So if you’re hanging around the home or thumping pavement around the block, here’s a definitive list of songs for any lifestyle that’ll get you grinning through the grind.

Music, behaviour and mood have always been linked: people have the blues or they’re in a funk, they’re ready to rock or they’ve got soul. It’s no surprise either, there are a number of impacts music has on us physiologically that scientists have found. For instance, researchers found that even sad music can lift your mood, and listening to music can benefit our athletic performance by almost 15 per cent.

To get your mood lifted, we’ve put together our ultimate playlist to get moving and put a smile on your dial.

10. Call your girlfriend

Cred: Robyn

You can’t help but belt Robyn out at full decibel level. For that reason, best get out the vacuum, put in the headphones and give your best rendition.

9. Freedom

Cred: Pharrell Williams VEVO

This song is track one for the start of a bit of exercise. It will take you through that first whack of a workout and onto a good groove for the rest of the way.

8. Intergalactic

Cred: Beastie Boys

Where and when can’t this song be played? Seriously, it might be the only song you won’t get sick of if you set it as your morning alarm.

7. Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

Cred: Santigold

It’s Monday morning, you’re staring into the bathroom mirror and you wonder if you will make it through. This track won’t just get you out the door, it will send you bounding down the street with the willpower to take on the entire week with one hand tied behind your back.

6. Lonely Boy

Cred: The Black Keys

This offers up a question for the ages: is the song or the music clip better? Luckily, you don’t have to answer that, instead pick a spot on the carpet and dance it out.

5. Gold Lion

Cred: YeahYeahYeahs VEVO

Another stringy, bashy, bluesy entry that will have you kicking along the beach for a twilight run, or speeding up on the fourth lap of your local park.

4. Diva

Cred: Beyoncé VEVO

The list could easily only be Beyonce songs. This might not even be her best, but this is worth treating as a gateway to her discography. Diva is definitely a bathroom jam before going out to your nearest d-floor.

3.Sweet Dreams

Cred: Eurythmics VEVO

Maybe one of the most covered songs, but you will never escape the original, nor want to. Strap on your Docs, throw on some lycra and make this the soundtrack to your trip to the corner store.



A song that stands up to its name. You will be buzzing with the toe tapping energy of this guitar shredding, drum bashing, beast of a beat. I dare you not to use a hairdryer as your personal wind machine.

1.Call me Al

No explanation necessary.

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