Christmas Traditions Around The World

29th November 2017

When you think of Christmas in Australia, you probably think about BBQs and sunscreen, playing backyard cricket or heading down to the beach with your boogie boards. That’s right, Christmas in Australia is pretty unique compared to most places around the world.

But wait until you hear how other countries spend this festive day.

From a scary twist on Santa to deep fried goodness, we’ve rounded up 6 weird and wonderful Christmas traditions celebrated around the world. Check them out below:

1. Austria

You might have thought creepy costumes were reserved for Halloween, but that’s far from the case in Krampus, Austria. Introducing Krampus, a devil-like creature who roams the streets before Christmas, scaring naughty children. Worse than a lump of coal, we’d say!

2. Czech Republic

If you’re single this Christmas and want to know if marriage is in your path sometime soon, then try out this Czech Republic tradition. How it works: Simply stand with your back to the door, throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas day and if it lands with the toe pointing towards the door, then the good news is wedding bells could be in your future soon.

3. Venezuela

Attending church on Christmas day is a common pastime but in Venezuela they put a unique twist on how they get there - rollerskating. It’s definitely a good way to work off all the Christmas ham!

4. Ukraine

In the Ukraine, instead of decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments, spiderwebs adorn the tree. The tradition is said to have started due to a woman who didn’t have the money to buy a tree, but woke on Christmas morning to find a tree covered in spiderwebs that turned to gold and silver when she touched them.

5. Japan

Colonel Sander’s fast food restaurant sure has reaped the rewards of a successful marketing campaign in the 1970s. Before then Japan didn’t have a tradition for Christmas, so KFC marketing gurus brought in the idea of celebrating the day with fried chicken instead of Turkey - and it has stuck till this day. In fact, around 3.6 million Japanese families eat KFC during the Christmas season.

6. South Africa

While fried chicken may be one unique way to serve up Christmas lunch, in South Africa they take it a step further by enjoying deep-fried caterpillars of the Emperor Moth when Santa comes to town.

We hope you enjoyed this list of weird and wonderful Christmas traditions around the world. It might just give you some inspiration to shake up Christmas at your house!

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