7 ways to keep cool whilst keeping electricity bills low

7th February 2018

After months of cranking up the air conditioner, the post summer electricity bill is notorious for being sky high. But the good news is there are ways to avoid this bill shock, or at the very least bring it down to a reasonable level.

Check out these 7 tactics to keep cool without driving your electricity bills up:

1. Try the cold water bottle trick

You may have a hot water bottle lying around the house from the winter months. Well now’s the time to use it as a cold water bottle instead. Fill it up with water, stick it in the freezer and then use it to keep cool while you’re sleeping. That way you won’t have to call on the air-conditioner, or even the fan potentially.

2. Freeze your sheets

Another way to keep cool whilst sleeping is using the freezer to cool your sheets for a few minutes before bedtime. Of course, it’s a wise idea to pop them in a sealed bag, so your sheets don’t get the smell of frozen meat and peas stuck to them!

3. Opt for cotton

It’s also important what material your clothes and sheets are, as synthetic materials can also cause you to feel over-heated. Good quality cotton material is your best bet, as it’s a natural fabric that will breathe.

4. Keep your curtains closed

This is an especially important trick if your living areas are facing north or north-east and get high exposure to the sun during the day. Make it a habit of closing your curtains before you leave the house for work, that way your rooms will stay cool and keep out the heat from the sun.

5. Seal your doors

If you do give in and turn the air con on make sure you’re using all that nice cool air to your advantage by sealing any gaps in your doors. Buying a door seal can be bought for as little as $10 and will stop that cool air from escaping.

6. Let the cool air in at night

Of course you’ll need some fresh air over summer and the best time to let it into your home is at night. When the sun goes down, take the time to open all windows and even curtains so that the cool night air can bring the temperature of your home down. Just don’t forget to close it all up again in the morning!

7. Cook outside

Summer is not the time to be oven baking, as it’s a quick way to see the temps inside your home climb. Instead enjoy an outdoor barbie, the old fashioned Aussie way. The heat will stay outside, keeping your home cool and you can enjoy the longer days that summer brings outdoors. If you’re a barbie-ing family, why not take a look at our Healthy BBQ Meal Ideas blog to try something new this summer!

All of these tactics will not only keep your home cool but your electricity bills down too!

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