Why get Funeral Insurance?

Going out with grace, dignity and perhaps a dash of style is something most of us wish for. Having funeral insurance means your family and friends will have less to worry about when you pass away – and they can mount up.

Another big benefit of having funeral insurance is that it gives you the freedom to plan it yourself, so it happens just the way you’d like it to. 

The payout could be up to $15,000 and is available generally within 24 hours of us receiving the completed claim. 

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The benefits of funeral insurance

  • Cover your funeral costs without burdening your family and friends
  • Provide your family with the finance to have the kind of funeral that suits you
  • Claims are processed fast so cash is available when it’s needed
  • Beat rising costs – the cost of other things may go up but with Insuranceline funeral insurance your premiums remain the same (unless you make changes to your policy)

How much does a funeral cost?

A funeral can cost somewhere between $4,000 for a basic funeral and $15,000 (Money Smart, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, 2012) for something more elaborate. 

Costs such as the funeral service fee, burial or cremation fees, casket, transport, memorials and flowers are usually (but not always) controlled by the funeral director, who organise the event and suppliers.

There are no set fees for funerals so be sure to shop around for quotes as prices vary a lot.  Under legislation, you have the right to ask funeral directors for a full breakdown of costs. Ask if you can organise things such as the flowers, service program and transport as this can save money.

Write down your final funeral plan, including all suppliers’ quotes and contact details, and give it to your family.

Here’s an approximate guide to funeral costs:
Service fee from $2000
Removal of body $300
Preservation (if needed) $210
Clergy fees $275
Organist $275
Death & funeral notices $285
Extra car $330
Flowers $100
Chapel fee                     $180
Casket $800 - $10,000+ or $150 - $500 (eco-cardboard coffin)
Cemetery/grave fees $3,500+
Certificates for cremation $185
Cremation fee $950
Disposal of ashes:
Personally collected      $0
Wall, niche, urn, rose $400
Garden  $1,200+
Headstone and monuments:
Look in the Yellow Pages for a monumental mason and ring for quotes. Expect to pay upwards of $1500. 
Include a venue (if not at a private home) and catering. 

Work out how much your funeral will cost then get a quote for funeral insurance online, or give us a call on 13 77 87.

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