How Can Funeral Insurance Help?

If you have ever planned and paid for a funeral, you’ll know that it can be a surprisingly expensive and stressful event. 

Fast cash when it’s needed 

If you’d like to make sure that all your funeral costs are covered and your family is spared the expense then funeral insurance may be for you.

Just like other forms of insurance, you pay regular premiums – not a lump sum up front. Once you reach your cap, you stop paying but the cover continues until it’s needed. 

When the time comes, the amount you’re covered for is quickly paid out to the person you name as your beneficiary (on submission of a completed claim).

As well as covering costs, having funeral insurance means you’re in control and can plan and budget for your funeral  – right down to type of casket or urn, the flowers and the music. Your family and friends won’t have to worry about your send-off.

How does funeral insurance work?

Taking out funeral insurance with InsuranceLine is easy and fast, with InsuranceLine, you can choose a policy that covers:
  • You
  • Other adult family members such as your partner or granny
  • Children under 21
With InsuranceLine you can take out from $2,000 up to $15,000 in cover. The same funeral insurance amount will be available to everyone you add to your policy.
From the first day of your policy, you are covered for accidental death. If you pass away from other causes in the first 12 months, there’s no payout but we will quickly refund to your family all of the premiums you paid up to that point. 

And when you turn 90, we’ll cover you for free. There will be no more premiums to pay.

Your payout

Our funeral insurance is very straightforward. Payouts are:
  • Made directly to your beneficiary to cover funeral costs
  • Sent within 24 hours of receiving a completed claim
  • Up to $15,000, plus extras if you have selected them as part of your policy
  • Doubled (up to $30,000) if your death is accidental while you’re still paying premiums

We strive to make the claiming process as stress-free as we can for your family. 

As well as a fast policy payout, your loved ones will receive personal attention and assistance from an experienced Claims Manager.

Get the full story on funeral insurance – watch our short and informative videos

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