Getting a funeral insurance policy

Funeral Insurance is a great way to ensure your loved ones can afford to pay for your funeral when you die. 

It may be a bit sad thinking about your own funeral, but if you do it now, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing it’s taken care of and your family won’t have to worry about the cost when they are grieving for you.

It’s easy to get a Funeral Insurance policy - just give us a call on 13 77 87 or fill out the get a quote form.

What is Funeral Insurance?

Funeral Insurance is a type of insurance that makes sure your family has the money they need to cover the costs of your funeral.

By paying fortnightly or monthly premiums, based on the amount of cover you require, you can ensure that when the time comes, your family has one less thing to deal with. 

At Insuranceline, we provide fast payouts – usually within 24 hours of receiving the completed claim - as well personalised assistance from a claims manager.

How much cover will I need?

Even a basic funeral can start from $6,000, while a more expensive funeral can be up to $15,000 (Money Smart, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, 2012) or more. The costs include venue hire, service fees, transportation, and a burial plot or cremation. There are also additional things, such as flowers, food and drinks for the wake.

To get an idea of costs, read why get funeral insurance. You might also like to phone around funeral suppliers for quotes.

How do I get Funeral Insurance?

We provide funeral insurance to Australian residents aged 21 to 80.  

There are no medical checks or questions about your health. We also provide a money-back guarantee in case you change your mind during the first 30 days of your policy with us. 

It’s easy to get a funeral insurance policy - just give us a call on 13 77 87, go online or fill in the 'request a call' form to receive a call back from one of our friendly staff.

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