Cancer Insurance

A Cancer Insurance Plan can pay up to $100,000 upon diagnosis of cancer and offers you the freedom to spend the benefit as you wish – a recuperative holiday, medical expenses, or put it towards the mortgage – anything that can help reduce the stress through a difficult time. It’s your way of making sure your family’s life isn’t turned upside down, and you can focus on your recovery.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Helps protect you and your family from the financial impact of cancer, with up to $100,000 cover available.
  • Affordable cover from just $2.95 a week.
  • Discounts when you cover your partner, and if you choose to pay annually.
  • Flexibility to use your cancer insurance payout however you wish - for medical expenses, paying debts or taking time off to spend with your family.
  • Easy over the phone application for cancer insurance - no medical tests required.

The InsuranceLine Cancer Insurance Plan helps protect your family from the financial impact of cancer by paying a tax-free, lump-sum benefit of up to $100,000.
You can use your payout to pay for treatment, pay debts, get extra childcare or help around the house, take time off while you recover - whatever you wish. And if the worst happens, the Cancer Insurance Plan can also help support your family through a difficult time.

Great reasons to take out Cancer Insurance from InsuranceLine:

We'll help protect your family.

Our Cancer Insurance Plan pays you up to $100,000 tax-free if you’re diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, so you can focus on your recovery free of financial worries.

We give you choice.

Choose the right cover amount for your budget and your circumstances, then choose from a range of flexible payment options. Once you receive your payout, you can choose how to spend it - to pay for medical expenses, pay down debt, cover household costs, or take a break with family or friends.

We make things easy.

If you’re an Australian resident aged 16 to 55, you can apply for a Cancer Insurance Plan over the phone in minutes, with no medical tests. There’s even a 30 day money back guarantee.

We'll speak in plain English.

We'll explain everything clearly in plain English, so you'll know exactly what's covered and what isn't.

We'll be there when you need us most.

If you or your family ever need to make a claim, we make the process as stress free as we can, with personal attention from an experienced Claims Manager.

Want to know more about a Cancer Insurance Plan? Read the Cancer Insurance Plan Product Disclosure Statement, call 13 77 87 or get a quote today.

In Australia, cancer affects more than one in three men and one in four women each year*. Advances in treatment mean that these days many people recover. But while they do, lives - and jobs - are often put on hold, adding financial strain to an already stressful time.

If you need to stop work, the Cancer Insurance Plan can help you continue to provide for your family, with up to $100,000 to cover your medical bills, mortgage and other living costs.

Even if you’re not the main breadwinner in your family, it’s important to be covered for expenses such as extra childcare and household help. To help make it more affordable to get the cover that your family needs, we offer 10% off the cost of your partner’s policy if you both take out a Cancer Insurance Plan.

*Cancer in Australia: an overview, 2006 [Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHWI)]

To find out more about the Cancer Insurance Plan and whether it’s right for you, call us on 13 77 87, or read the Cancer Insurance Product Disclosure Statement.

You can apply for up to $100,000 in cover. How much you choose is up to you, and will depend on the amount you think you and your family might need.

With flexible fortnightly, monthly or annual payments, the Cancer Insurance Plan is an easy, affordable way to help you protect you and your family from the financial costs of cancer. 

Want to know more about a Cancer Insurance Plan? Call 13 77 87 or get a quote today.

At InsuranceLine, we promise to answer all of your questions in plain English, so you know exactly where you stand.

Here you can find answers to the most common questions we get asked about our Cancer Insurance Plan. For anything else, call us on 13 77 87 or read the Cancer Insurance Plan Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s covered and what’s not?
We’ll pay your benefit if you are diagnosed with cancer that has developed to a life-threatening stage.

Generally, the following types of cancer are covered:
• Breast cancer
• Lung cancer
• Large bowel cancer
• Prostate cancer 
• Bladder cancer
• Cervical cancer
• Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
• Leukaemia

We will not pay a claim for cancers that are benign, non-malignant, pre-malignant or non-life-threatening. Some of the most commonly excluded cancers are:
• Most skin cancers
• Some non-life-threatening cervical cancers
• Some non-life-threatening prostate cancers

What does “cancer” mean under my policy?
Under your policy, “cancer” means the presence of one or more malignant tumours. Malignant tumours are characterised by the uncontrolled growth and spread of malignant cells and the invasion and destruction of normal tissue.

Carcinoma in situ of the breast is covered if it results directly in the removal of the entire breast. The procedure must be performed specifically to arrest the spread of malignancy, and be considered the appropriate and necessary treatment.

These conditions are not covered by your policy:
• Tumours showing the malignant changes of carcinoma in situ (including cervical dysplasia CIN-1, CIN-2 and CIN-3) or which are histologically described as premalignant;
• All skin cancers, unless there is evidence of metastases;
• Melanoma of the skin at Stage 1A (tumour thickness of less than or equal to 1.00mm, Clark level II or III, without ulceration);
• Prostatic cancers which are histologically described as TNM Classification T1 or are of another equivalent or lesser classification, unless resulting in the surgical removal of the prostate;
• Papillary Micro-Carcinoma of the Thyroid or Bladder; and
• Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia less than Rai Stage 1.

Do waiting periods apply?
There is a 90 day waiting period from the date you start your Cancer Insurance Plan. This means if you are diagnosed with cancer (or it becomes apparent) within the first 90 days of starting your policy, we will not pay a claim.

What happens if I die from cancer before I make a claim?
If you die from a cancer before you make a claim, we will pay your benefit to your Estate. That way, the money will be distributed to the beneficiaries you choose, giving added financial support at the time they need it most.

What happens if I leave out information at the time of application?
It's very important to give us all the information we request when you apply for the Cancer Insurance Plan, and to answer all of our questions honestly and completely. If there’s a claim, we’ll need to check your medical records - and if it turns out you didn’t reveal something important, we may have to refuse the claim. That’s not something we want to do, especially when you and your family are under stress, so it’s best to be open with us from the start.

Can I get cover at any age?
Australian residents aged 16 to 55 can apply for the Cancer Insurance Plan. Once accepted, your cancer insurance policy can continue until your 69th birthday. On that date, your policy will end.

Will my premiums go up?
We work hard to give everyone great value insurance, but the cost of providing cancer insurance does rise as you get older. For that reason, your cancer insurance premiums are likely to increase over time. But you can be confident that we keep increases to a minimum, and we’ll give you at least 30 days' notice of any changes.

Your premiums will also go up if you add another person to your policy or increase the cover amount. If you choose our inflation protection option, your level of cover will grow over time, protecting the value of your cancer insurance payout against inflation. That means your premiums may also rise slightly from year to year, in line with your increased benefit amount.

What happens if I can’t pay my premiums?
Let us know immediately if you can’t pay a premium so we can help you work out an alternative arrangement. Your cancer insurance cover will cease if your premiums are more than 30 days overdue and you will lose this valuable benefit.

If I cancel my policy, will I get a refund?
When you take out the Cancer Insurance Plan, we give you a 30 day money back guarantee - so if you cancel your cancer insurance policy in the first 30 days, we’ll give you a complete refund.
After that, there are no refunds. Your policy simply gives you cancer insurance cover - it is not a savings plan.

Who will I be dealing with during my claim?
You will be given a dedicated Claims Manager whose details will be on the accompanying cover letter that we’ll send in the event of a claim.  They will personally oversee your case and help you work through the details of your claim.

You can contact your dedicated Claims Manager while you are settling your claim. They will explain anything that is not covered here or talk through any concerns you might have.

Want to know more about a Cancer Insurance Plan? Call 13 77 87 or get a quote today.


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